Campbelltown is the next of the ‘identity’ towns in the Sydney basin. Those that have lived in Campbelltown for some years have never considered themselves Sydneysiders. That said, the last 30 years has seen the town/region grow ten-fold. With that growth, heritage has nearly been lost.

Campbelltown gets its name from, the wife of former Governor Lachlan Macquarie, Elizabeth Campbell. Originally called Campbell-Town, the name was later simplified to the current Campbelltown.

Not long after the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney in 1788, a small herd of six cattle escaped and weren't seen again by the British settlers for seven years. And in 1795 the British found a herd of around 60 cattle grazing in the area.

In 1826, local farmer Frederick Fisher disappeared. According to folklore, his ghost appeared sitting on a fence rail over a creek just south of the town and pointed to a site where his body was later found to be buried. In memory of the incident, the Fishers Ghost festival is held each November in Campbelltown.

The heritage precinct is a pleasing legacy. There are few other ‘old’ buildings left. The hotels a case in point. Drinking places instead of meeting places.

The Anglican Church is a century old classic for that era. The Catholic is now an old/bitsa building. Not quite an eyesore. The United is also an old representation.

The Campbelltown War Memorial is located in the town square/garden. This is a worthy acknowledgement in a park that saves the town.

The small Campbelltown Museum is near the heritage end of town.

Campbelltown is a ‘developers’ town and the loss of anything ‘old’ now features in a lack of appreciation with the community. There is no real reason to visit.

Heritage diary




  Fireplace   Dump Station
General Store Bottled Gas
Internet   Caravan
  Camping   4WD
Kitchen Facilities Disabled access
Laundry Toilets
  Campervans Accommodation
Meals   Airport
Pets Allowed   Boat Ramp
Telephone Picnic Area
Roadside Rest Area Electricity
  Scenic Swimming
Tap water   Thermal Area
Stream Water   Walking tracks
Rotary Club Lions Club
Gymnasium   Gardens
  Winery   Whitewater Rafting
  Surfing   Skydiving
  Skiing   Scenic Flights
Postal Service Police
  Movie Location   Mountain Biking
  Kayaking   Jet Boating
  Information Hospital
  Hang Gliding Golf Course