Myall Creek is, very sad to say now acknowledged as the historic recognition location for what is considered to be, and probably is, as many as a hundred other like events. Fortunately (for the sake of recognition of the event) the Myall Creek Massacre is now being accorded increasing historic recognition and a Memorial. Not quite ‘lest we forget’ but at last we 'will remember' them (the murdered) for what is an atrocious atrocity.

Ignorance is the pitiful defense given for the era and that frontier period in Australia’s development.

If the traveler is in the Inverell, Bingara or Delungra area the diversion to visit is a must. Allow up to an hour.

The abridged wiki encyclopaedia:-

start "A group of stockmen, consisting of eleven assigned convicts and former convicts led by a squatter, John Fleming, arrived at Henry Dangar's Myall Creek station on 10 June 1838. They rode up to the station huts beside which were camped a group of approximately thirty five Aborigines. They were part of the Wirrayaraay (alternative spelling: Weraerai) group who belonged to the Kamilaroi tribe. They had been camped at the station for a few weeks after being invited by one of the convict stockmen, Charles Kilmeister, to come to their station for their safety and protection from the gangs of marauding stockmen who were roaming the district slaughtering any Aborigines they could find.

The stockmen tied the Aborigines to a long tether rope and led them away. They took them to a gully on the side of the ridge about 800 metres to the west of the station huts. There they slaughtered them all except for one woman who they kept with them for the next couple of days. The approximately 28 people they murdered were largely women, children and old men.

After the massacre, Fleming and his gang rode off looking to kill the remainder of the group who they knew had gone to the neighbouring station. They returned two days later to Myall Creek and dismembered and burnt the bodies.

Governor Gipps ordered Police Magistrate, Edward Denny Day at Muswellbrook, to investigate the massacre.

Day carried out a thorough investigation despite the bodies having been removed from the massacre site where only a few bone fragments remained. He arrested eleven of the twelve perpetrators. The only one to escape was the only free man involved, the leader, John Fleming. Anderson was crucial in identifying the arrested men.

In the first trial he jury, after deliberating for just twenty minutes, found all eleven men not guilty. One of the jurors later told the newspaper The Australian that although he considered the men guilty of murder; he could not convict a white man of killing an Aboriginal person:

 The second trial was commissioned and continued until 2 am on 30 November, when the seven men were found guilty. On 5 December they were sentenced to execution by hanging. The sentence was ratified by the Executive Council of New South Wales on 7 December, with Gipps later saying in a report that no mitigating circumstances could be shown for any of the defendants, and it could not be said that any of the men were more or less guilty than the rest. The seven men were executed early on the morning of 18 December.

This was the first (and only) time in Australia's history that Europeans were hanged for the massacre of Aborigines.

This memorial to the victims of the massacre was unveiled on 10 June 2000, consisting of a granite rock and plaque overlooking the site of the massacre. A ceremony is held each year on 10 June commemorating the victims. The location is described as 23 km north east of Bingara at the junction of Bingara-Delungra and Whitlow Roads. " ends

The Myall Creek Massacre and Memorial Site were included on the Australian National Heritage List 7 June 2008 and over time will be increasingly visited.

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