Yetman is a small town encounted when traveling the Bruxner Hgy. Yetman is a very small, but that said has most essential services. Yetman services a large rural catchment that is mostly NSW.

The Yetman Station was established in 1837 by the Dights who followed Allan Cunningham's trail to the north.

The first hotel license was issued in 1866 at about same time as the first store was built. The first public school was established in 1867 and Yetman Post Office opened on 1 September 1867. In applying for a post office the applicants claimed that the population was then about 100 but this was considered a considerable exaggeration. The first police station was built in 1874.

St Andrews Church was built in the 1870s for use by both Presbyterian and Anglican congregations.

The town has always been associated with beef cattle and horses, with the sheep, wool and timber industries developing only slightly later. The thick rabbit and prickly-pear-ridden scrub of the brigalow and belah country was reclaimed from expiring leases in the 1920s and the back-breaking work of rendering it fit for agriculture did not bear fruit until the 1950s when wheat-growing became and remains a highly successful enterprise. Some crops are also grown on the fecund black soils of the river flats.

The Yetman War Memorial and Garden are located with the Memorial Hall.

Yetman is located on the Macintyre River that from time to time can be in flood. Mostly though the river is nearly almost dry. The Macintyre River

Eventually flows into the Barwon River near Walgett.

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Fireplace Dump Station
General Store Bottled Gas
Internet Caravan
  Camping   4WD
Kitchen Facilities Disabled access
  Laundry Toilets
Campervans Accommodation
Meals   Airport
Pets Allowed   Boat Ramp
Telephone Picnic Area
Roadside Rest Area Electricity
  Scenic Swimming
Tap water   Thermal Area
Stream Water   Walking tracks
  Rotary Club   Lions Club
Gymnasium   Gardens
  Winery Whitewater Rafting
  Surfing   Skydiving
Skiing   Scenic Flights
Postal Service Police
Movie Location   Mountain Biking
Kayaking   Jet Boating
  Information Hospital
Hang Gliding   Golf Course