Wallangarra is a very small border town on the New England Hgy, based in Qld. Wallangarra is the first (or last) town encounted in Queensland. Wallangarra’s early beginnings were a rail town. Two differing rail widths (3’6” in Qld and versus 4’8” in NSW) determined a stop and change trains at the border.

The name, originally Wallan-Garra, these are Aboriginal words meaning "plenty of water".

In 1885, the Queensland government announced that a town would be formed where the railway line between Queensland and New South Wales would meet. On 29 June 1885, 179 lots were offered for sale at £8 per acre (£20/ha)

During World War II, the Commonwealth Government created a general army store on the Queensland side of the border, and an ammunition dump on the New South Wales side. Dual gauge tracks were run to each store.

Access to the army stores was via Margetts St, one of the main roads in the town. The late Muriel Daphne Verdun Nicolson lived at 30 Margetts St from before WWII until her death in 2001. During WWII she reported that the flow of trucks and materiel went on all day and night.

The Wallangarra War Memorial is by a quirk of fate erected in NSW.

The churches are all in Qld. Travellers are recommended to visit the United Church on the eastern edge of the town. The memorial will be of interest.

There are two Hotels in Wallangarra. One laying claim to be the first pub in Qld.

This small town has limited services, but a visit to the United Church is recommended.

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