Cradle Mountain is a destination visit, but for the Tasmanian visitor this place is a must visit destination. The Cradle Mountain National Park has a lot to offer, and if the weather is favourable the visit is enhanced. Your visit though is not weather dependant. The visitor will find the place is efficient but not flexible/friendly.

Located 144 km from Launceston and 83 km from Devonport, Cradle Mountain is the central feature of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of Tasmania's World Heritage area. The park covers an area of 124 942 ha which is characterised by a rugged, glaciated landscape with over 25 major peaks and a wide range of glacial formations - tarns, glacial lakes, moraine deposits, U-shaped valleys and waterfalls.

Cradle Mountain was named in 1827 by the explorer Joseph Fossey who decided it bore a remarkable similarity to a cradle. It was first climbed by a European in 1831 when the explorer Henry Hellyer successfully reached the summit.

The man remembered as the founding father of tourism in the area was the Austrian born naturalist Gustaf Weindorfer who, in 1911, bought land in Cradle Valley where he built 'Waldheim' which he opened to guests who wanted to explore the region. When his wife died Weindorfer moved to Cradle Valley permanently. He died in 1932 and is buried near 'Waldheim'. Weindorfer is credited with naming Lake Dove, Crater Lake and Hansons Lake. He named Mount Kate after his wife.

The relatively short trek to Crater Lake is a must.

Wombats have taken over from the kangaroos as the most prolific animal.

The Lodge is a welcome watering hole. This right next to the Ranger Station Bust Stop. The buses run every 10 minutes.

There is something about Cradle Mountain that will get you. Not quite a Mount Cook (NZ), or a Yosemite (USA), but the place has the same effect, so enjoy.

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