Rosebery is the next of the quadrella of mining towns on the West Coast. The difference with Rosebery though is the mine is still commercially active. Rosebery is an interesting town and an overnight visit is recommended.

Rosebery is a mining town nestled 145 metres above sea level in the hills of western Tasmania some 305 km west of Hobart. It is not like normal towns in the sense that it seems to sprawl up and down the hillside. It is a single purpose town which is clearly indicated by the Pasminco zinc mine which dominates both the town and the local economy.

Rosebery was named after Tom McDonald's company, the Rosebery Gold Mining Company (in turn it was named after Lord Rosebery who was Prime Minister of Britain at the time), which began to work Mount Black almost immediately.

Historically this area of Tasmania was inaccessible and therefore resisted early European exploration. The forests were dense, the cold winds - the Roaring Forties - blew rainclouds off the Southern Ocean, and the undergrowth with its leeches and dense scrub, made travelling through the area difficult. It wasn't until 1893 that a gold prospector named Tom McDonald reached Mount Black and staked out a claim which was eventually to become the huge mine which today still drives the economy of Rosebery.

There is little heritage in Rosebery

The xxxx Falls should be on the visitorís agenda.

The Congregational Churches are a mix of oldish ad newish. The Catholic being the most significant.

There is only the single pub now servicing thirsts of the miners and imbibers.

There is a small museum that may be open.

The Rosebery War Memorial is at the Hall

The visitor will find this town has an air of confidence that will entice a stopover.

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