(Source Sydney Morning Herald)

Port Welshpool is located 191 kilometres south-east of Melbourne via the South Gippsland Highway. Located at the north-eastern margin of Corner Inlet, it is not surprising that it initially relied almost exclusively on the ocean's marine life for its prosperity. An anchorage, apparently established offshore near Snake Island, was used by whalers as early as the 1830s. Port Welshpool and Welshpool are joined a short distance.

The region was explored in the 1840s by the Gippsland Company, whose interest was stimulated by Count Paul Strzelecki's explorations of Gippsland and by the wreck of the Clonmel near the entrance of Port Albert. The area became part of a substantial land lease, stretching from the Albert to Agnes Rivers, taken out by John Gellion and partners, a Mr. Rickard and a Mr. Stratton.

According to an early surveyor, the town was named after Patrick Welsh, who settled in the district and became a land-holder in the Alberton area. He had plans to make the port a major transportation centre for the produce of Gippsland. However, the journalist John Stanley James, claimed in 1886 that the name came from a village on the border of Wales and Shropshire.

The Port Welshpool Museum, open daily, features marine displays and an unusual assortment of maritime curios. The house, built in 1881, was one of the first substantial dwellings to be constructed at Port Welshpool. The builder, J. Avery, had to walk 21 miles from Port Albert every Monday, and returned by foot each weekend. It is thought to be one of the oldest buildings in the shire of South Gippsland. On the lawn is the fishing boat, the Janet Isles, which was used by the house's owners, the Smith family, for several generations.

The Port Welshpool Hotel has restricted trading. The Welshpool Hotel is over 150 years old.

The Welshpool War Memorial is on the main hgy in Welshpool.

The Port is still an active port. The Port was once the hub for the Bass Straight Ferry competitor.

The Anglican and United Churches are in Welshpool.

This is a nice area and a stopover could/should be a consideration.






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