The ‘BUST OUT’ way is driving your  RV, Motor Home or vehicle/caravan and enjoying the open roads, towns, cities and iconic sites in both  Australia and New Zealand.


We are now re-tracing our steps, hence the Current, Last Visit and Previous tabs; and with New Zealand done we are now revisiting the Australia sojourn. Perhaps you should grab a map and follow our convoluted route.


This web-site was updated on June 23rd 2017.


We visited over 1400 towns and iconic sites in New Zealand, Tasmania,  Queensland, Northern Territory,   Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). Click on the States or NZ to review the Bustout  towns, cities and iconic sights synopsis.


'Bust Out' is the  title of the publication covering the issues that are involved with a  two to three year Australia and  NZ (or vice versa)  motor-home adventure. i.e. Bustout!!! And have that adventure.


Why Bustout??? Most  probably your good self!!!  Worked hard throughout your career and  about to retire?? Then the wide outdoors and country towns of Australia and New Zealand await you. Now is the time for you to spend time and discover Australia and/ or NZ at your leisure.


Bust Out, the book is about expressing your inner self  to do something exciting or adventurous even. 'Bust Out' has identified  that demographic segment of the emerging ‘baby boomer’ retirement market in both New Zealand and Australia.


To Purchase a copy (or copies) of this book, please click "buy now" and you will be taken to a secure PayPal site to process your order and facilitate payment. Price per book is $NZ29.95 plus freight of $NZ8.00 world wide..

Driving around Australia will be an  objective for many Aussies and Kiwis. Driving around Australasia for most is not a consideration.


After reading our 'Icon Discovery'  the shipping of campervans across the ditch may, increasingly be a logical assessment for many, and Bust Out is about that market.


Bustout (the authors) is pleased to advise our association with Melbourne RV Centre was exceptional. The Sunliner RV is a quality vehicle, and after our three year and 100,000 kilometre journey we can advise the (personal) service was outstanding. Any issue with the Sunliner from anywhere in Australia and/ or New Zealand was efficiently sorted. 


For 'Bustout'  in NZ and Australia we found the Hema Maps Atlas, GPS system and Caravan Park guides valuable tools (the bibles). Do not leave home without them!!!