CHRISTCHURCH 2 As at August 2012

The city (down town) is now a shadow of its former self. The visual destruction by the February 2011 earthquake is clear for all to see and there is just massive destruction. But, it is what you are unable to observe that is the real problem. Most 'brick' churches as an example may not survive. Infrastructure damage is extensive, with many  structures, roads and bridges needing rebuilt.  

Coming to terms with what has been four earthquakes, and many thousands of tremors has been understandably very difficult for many  in Christchurch. And that's before we count the loss of life, insurance issues and building planning decisions.

A drive around the streets and avenues  of Christchurch will reveal,  at just about every turn  structural damage of some sort. Sometimes massive and sometimes subtle and it is the damage under the 'hairline cracks'  of  brick and plaster that bring the fear of delay or demolition.

The Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) is set up to oversee the demolition (if that is decided) and the eventual rebuild of the city. CERA is a very powerful organization, and we believe it is  doing a pretty good job in incredibly difficult circumstances. CERA controls the 'red zone'. To gain access to the Red Zone you will need CERA authority and a personal  guide.

The following images are from the red zone:-

 Posters date Feb 2011 .The Copthorne still to be demolished.The tall building has a 1 metre lean.This famous landmark will be saved.The Price Waterhouse building.The Theatre Royal.The Monty Python Show commences on April 1st 2011. This avenue is saved. The town hall is saved.The fatal CTC site.Unique facade prop.

The Post Office building is saved,and will be savedto be saved.

The ultimate fate of the Christchurch Cathedral fate is still unknown.We hope the 'soul of the city' is saved.

Photos of other churches and cathedrals:-.

Other photos:- containers filled with concrete retaining wall,houses lost,stadium lost,factory lost and with many stories to tell, that is all very surreal.




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